How To Get Started Volunteering

How To Get Started

There are many reasons to start volunteering such as building your resume, exploring career opportunities, Community Involvement hours required for Secondary School graduation or just to do something great for your community. Whatever your reasons, here are some general steps to get you started:


1. Schedule A Meeting

Give us a call at 613-969-8862 and book an appointment with our coordinator of volunteer services. During this meeting, the coordinator will go over the many volunteer opportunities that are available to you and will help you determine which one would best suit your goals, interest and availability.


2. Explore The Community Hub

Sign-up for an account on our Community Hub, where you'll be able to be able to see a listing of volunteer organizations and activities based on categories such as time commitment or the days of the week when they take place.


3. Attend Your Volunteer Activity

Show up for the activities that you've signed up for. Enjoy your time there, no need to be nervous. If you require further assistance or have questions we are there for you!


4. Record Your Volunteer Hours

Keep a record of your volunteer hours for future reference. This will make a very impressive addition to your resume or it may be required for you to graduate from Secondary School in Ontario.